"The $16,000 per year Trustee Scholarship I receive from Rutgers University has made my ability to go to college less of a burden on my family and myself. While I looked at other colleges, the fact that I would walk out with tens and thousands of dollars in debt was a terrifying thought. This scholarship from Rutgers lets me get an education from some of the best in the field while still graduating debt free, allowing me to save money for law school. Without this scholarship, my family and I would truly not know where we would be."

Madhuri Swarna
May 2016
Numbers of Note
  • 1 of 62 members of the Association of American Universities
  • 14-1 student-to-faculty ratio
  • 91% first-year retention rate
  • 69% of the 2013 first-year class received financial aid offers ranging from $500 - $30,000
  • The average offer was $18,000
  • The average 2014 graduate cumulative debt was $25,360
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